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Here goes!

I have been prevailed upon to start blogging. This was not my idea: I have not long succumbed to the questionable delights of facebook. I say “questionable” because at first I was affronted by the apparent triviality of the snippets posted on it. Do I really want to know about the progress of your child’s potty training, or that you fancy a poached egg for supper?

On the other hand I discovered that it is fun to read whimsical comments made by 3 year olds, and also some terrific one line observations on such diverse topics as the recent royal wedding, house group on Wednesday night, and the capture and death of Bin Laden. It is all so unpredictable, a potent mix of humour, wisdom and yes, insanity. I think that is why it is so beguiling.

But blogging? Surely this is for the disciplined and committed, not for the spontaneous souls like me, who tend to keep a journal for about 3 months and then forget it? Well, we can at least start and see where it goes!

Blogging offers the opportunity to say a bit more than a couple of sentences. Any Christian has a remarkable story to share, and ongoing revelation of God’s kindness and grace. Especially I hope to encourage other women in their walk with God. Sometimes we are not walking but trudging despondently, or perhaps soaring joyously, but there is always Truth to live by. So I look forward to sharing some of the things I have learnt, both serious and light-hearted. It is my hope that you may be enlightened, provoked and yes, sometimes even entertained by things that I write about.


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