I don’t like waiting. If I have to wait 5 minutes for a bus, I’d rather walk. My mother was the same. She was energetic up to the day of her death, preferring to walk rapidly, even run everywhere in spite of her 84 years. So perhaps it’s in the genes.

But of course, waiting is part of life and cannot always be avoided. We have to wait for exam results, dental appointments, Christmas, a baby’s birth; and mostly, these things cannot be hurried. Some we wait for with dread, others with eager anticipation.

We can wait anxiously for the results of a blood test; resignedly for the notice of a speeding ticket to arrive; impatiently in the queue at Tesco; eagerly for your wedding day; with longing for a holiday in the warm Mediterranean sun…or grumpily for a wet camping holiday to be over!

So what does the Bible tell us about waiting? What different ways of waiting are there? And how should we wait?

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  1. Charlene Baldwin

    Hi, Wendy–Inger forwarded your blog info, and I found it delightful and inspiring. Owen and I are making Eagle Wing at Marion’s our home base and enjoying it very much. Waiting on the Lord for new flight feathers! She has guests in and out, presently a family who have adopted 4 Ethiopian children, two of them from a Children’s Home we work with in Addis, where we met them. Life is full…of joy and surprises!

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